Lennon “has gone too far this time”

Angry Neil Lennon

Neil Lennon on being told his coupon had come up yesterday

Craig Prawn

By Craig Prawn

Several dozen spectators had to be rushed to the Southern General Hospital from Ibrox Stadium yesterday after Hibernian scored a shockingly provocative goal against the Light Blues.

Over 40,000 spectators were innocently enjoying a family day out when entirely unprovoked, Hibernian put the ball in the Rangers net in scenes reminiscent of the far right rioting in Charlottesville.

With the home side putting on a fine display of attacking football, Hibernian showed their petulant side when Simon Murray blatantly fired the ball into the Rangers net, despite clearly seeing that the Rangers defence was trying to prevent him from doing so. Indeed the Hibernian player shockingly skipped past two fair challenges as he blatantly weaved his way into the penalty box.

The home fans, who had shown their sportsmanship from the start by good-naturedly ribbing Hibernian manager Neil Lennon about his playing style from his Celtic days, suffered serious palpitations at this shocking act, with the smelling salts being passed around liberally in several sections of the Sandy Jardine Stand.

But the worst was yet to come, with the snarling figure of Neil Lennon being seen to leap joyfully into the air, pump his fist repeatedly and finally cup his ears in the most blatantly provocative goal celebration ever seen in this venerable old sporting arena, home to the world’s most successful football club, Rangers, which was founded in 1872.

Several female supporters were seen to faint in the stand behind the snarling Lennon’s dug out as St John’s Ambulance men raced to their aid. The heroism of the match stewards and the emergency services prevented an even more deadly catastrophe as they calmly and efficiently dealt with the upset and the incapacitated.

Crying children were taken to the safety of the Club Deck, where they were comforted by specialist officers.

From that point, what had been a fantastic family day out turned into the most outrageous display of blatant provocation seen in this country since Lennon was signed for Celtic by Martin O’Neill in December 2000.

Clearly panicked by the aggression of Lennon and his Hibernian players (particularly the appallingly provocative Anthony Stokes), referee John Patrick Beaton was coerced into sending off Rangers’ Ryan Jack for an innocuous spit in the general direction of a Hibernian player.

Beaton, who should never be allowed to referee a Rangers game ever again, went on to have an appallingly inept game, completely ruined for the spectators by his failure to apply the rules fairly to both sides.

The time has clearly come for the footballing authorities to put to bed childish campaigns for the stripping of titles won fair and square on the park and seriously consider banning Hibernian from all domestic competition for at last the remainder of this season.

The Leith club have form. In May 2016, as Scottish football finally seemed to be getting back to normal with Rangers leading 2-1 in the Scottish Cup Final, the Green and White shirted Hibernian (then managed by former Celtic defender Alan Stubbs), shockingly scored two goals, one of them in the final minute, to deny Rangers the trophy they so thoroughly deserved.

If this wasn’t enough, tens of thousands of Hibernian fans then took to the pitch at the final whistle and assaulted every single Rangers player, many of whom had to be carried off the pitch swathed in bandages.

Things would have been far worse if not for the heroism of the Rangers support, who swarmed onto the pitch to defend their players, despite the best efforts of Lawwell puppet Stewart Regan to provide covering fire from the main stand.

The time has come for everyone with the best interests of Scottish football at heart to make a stand. The persecution of Rangers must end and end now.

Club 18-72 rep Gris Crayon told the Decord:

“Old Popcorn Teeth has gone too far this time. He has a long record of antagonising Rangers fans, for reasons best known to himself, but when he can’t even control himself when his team scores at Ibrox it’s time this bitter, hate-filled, Rangers-hating bigot is sine died from Scottish football for the good of Scottish football.”




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